Training Courses - ISO 17799/BS 7799

The Roadmap to Information Security with ISO17799/ BS7799
With growing trends of information security breaches, security of vital information is of critical importance.
7 Steps to building an ISMS with ISO17799/BS7799
This Three -day intensive course is designed to give a walk through of the business process of establishing, implementing and maintaining an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on the ISO/IEC 17799:2000 and BS 7799:2:2002 standards.
Internal Auditor Course based on ISO17799/BS7799
This innovative two-day course provides a solid foundation in all aspects of the Information Security audit process.
Information Security Training Programme - ACPL
This Three -day intensive course introduces the standard and describe how to perform the each step towards compliance to BS 7799:2:2002 standard.

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How We Do It

• Hands-on Information Security & Assurance Training in personal workshops
• Full curriculum from finding to fixing Exploits, Best Practices & Vulnerabilities
• Provide IT Practitioners Security Fundamentals to Risk Management skills.
• Classes available nationally and world wide (Public, In-house & Custom classes)

Why You Need It

• Your assets are more vulnerable than you know
• Protect your company, network & and system from attack
• Learn How to Plan, Implement, Build & Maintain a complete security strategy

What You Get

• The most current information for security products and developments

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